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Case studies: DKSH


DKSH - Edward Keller Shanghai Ltd.

DKSH is a large-scale comprehensive trading company, affiliated with various departments in different sectors. The company combines sourcing, marketing, sales, distribution and after-sales services and provide their partners with fundamental expertise and on-the-ground logistics.

parameters, specialties]

AD&D won the tender to design and build the new headquarter from DKSH. The headquarter had to meet on one side complex functional requirements, and on the other side spread a healthy and rigorous dynamic image of the company.

  • Extensive use of aluminum, glass and other recyclable materials,
  • Environmental protection
  • Strict implementation of enterprise CI standards,
  • Conference room with a Philips automated simulation solar system - The system is based on the degree of comfort to the human eye light regulation
  • 100m2 western-style skylighted kitchen space - dedicated to a Shanghai five star hotel chef
Functions: Office, treatment rooms, laboratories, watches maintainance department, insurance, housing with banking security level, western style kitchen, multifunctional conference center
Time: 6 month preparation and planning
6 month construction
Location: Thomson Financial Centre, Shanghai, Pudong